Belgins Kitchen

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A Restaurant with an authentic atmosphere in the heart of Kalkan. The building is an old olive oil factory, and Belgin and her husband have decorated it with old Turkish artifacts to create a warm and welcoming setting. The mood is enhanced by live Turkish music played on traditional instruments. Seating is on comfortable floor cushions around typical low tables. On hot summer evenings guests like to sit up in the cool of the roof terrace, with the same interesting decor, including a nomad tent.

And the food! The menu is kept to a limited number of mainly Turkish dishes, all of them delicious, beautifully cooked with fresh ingredients, and varying daily.

Locals and visitors alike feel wonderfully at home in this corner of traditional Turkey.

Contact Details

Adress : Kalkan / Antalya / TURKEY

Tel : + 90 242 844 3614

Fax : +90 242 844 3437

E-mail :

Belgins Kitchen Kalkan, Belgin Restaurant