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A different world. The village of Bezirgan comfortably nesting on an ancient mountain lake bed 17 km. away from Kalkan has long been the traditional summer home for local residents seeking respite from the unrelenting summer heat and a day spent exploring this authentic Turkish village, untouched by tourism, is a MUST.

The spectacular drive following the road ascending high above Kalkan affords wonderful views of the sparkling Mediterranean, the rugged depths of Kaputaþ Gorge and a surprising change of vegetation as the altitude increases before the final incline is crested revealing the sprawling, verdant beauty of the village.

Bezirgan is indeed a land of milk and honey, fruitful orchards, fields yielding crops of grain and chickpeas and the summer grazing land of contented sheep and goats.

Visitors arriving at this perfect spot will want to absorb the atmosphere and watch the workings of a way of life that reaches back to distant times. A tour of the village is a popular choice and the preferred mode of transport is usually astride one of the many horses or mules that are led by their handlers along the village lanes but it should be noted that almost the same route may be covered in the comfort of a vehicle or on foot.

Refreshed by a glass of tea sipped outside the old school our adventure starts with an introduction to the peculiarities of the Turkish saddle and sure knowledge that any previous riding experience will be of little help from now on! There is so much to be seen, and photographed, passing by the village houses and gardens. Keep your eyes open and you may, depending on the season, may see animals shorn, raw wool processed, grain winnowed, fruit and laid out to dry for winter use and perhaps even a glimpse of a family festivity. More tea will be enjoyed, during a stop at the village green, before the cavalcade reaches an ancient Ottoman cemetery and an area which is unexcavated archeological site predating the Christian Era.

For many the highlight of the day is being seated on plump cushions in the leafy shade of a peaceful garden with time to enjoy the splendor of encircling mountains, the muted country sounds and, of course, savoring the delights of the typical meal graciously served by our host and his family. Replete with good food one can doze or, if more energetically inclined, stroll around the neighborhood with the expectation of being invited into drink yet another glass of çay (tea).

Always there are feelings of sadness when the farewells are said and homeward trek begins but fortunately the return journey via an alternative route has its own special attractions which come in the form of a visit to an ornately sculpted Lycian house rock tomb, the working under shot water mill and adjacent mosque in Islamlarköy.

The return to Kalkan will be in the late afternoon but it will be on many occasions thereafter you will reflect on the day spent in Bezirgan that different wonderful world.

About Owlsland, Bezirgan

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