İlyada Restaurant Kalkan

Kalkan Ilyada Restaurant

Since 1985, our company has been running the restaurant ILIADA, located at the harbour of Kalkan.

ILIADA: It is the epic of the ancient Greek "HOMEROS"

Our restaruant gives service with experience gained since 1985. Our kitchen is based upon 2 styles:

1. The Mediterranean Kitchen: The Mediterranean cooking culture consists of olive oil, fish and green vegetables. The sea food of western Mediterranenan countries are cooked and served with natural oils and spices in our kitchen.

2. The Turkish Kitchen: In this part of our kitchen, examples of Anatolian and Turkish cuisine have been chosen. Ottoman and Anatolian meals are specially prepared using natural spices and oils. These meals are served to order in traditional pots and cooked in an oven in earthenware cooking.

Our company is bound by the Kaþ Tax Office, the Antalya Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Antalya Export Union.

Contact Details

Adress : Kalkan / Antalya / TURKEY

Tel : + 90 242 844 3821

Fax : +90 242 844 3747

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Kalkan Ilyada Restaurant, İliada Restaurant